What We do

Independent Claims Specialists

We are independent claims specialists who inspect, investigate or manage large, complex or contentious claims on behalf of insurance companies.

Our role is to establish the cause of loss and whether it is covered by the insurance policy. In most cases involving building claims if we are dealing with accidental loss or damage to insured property under the policy which occurs during the insuring period, at the situation of risk, and is not otherwise excluded by the policy then indemnity would be available. Indemnity is usually based on the reasonable cost of repair or replacement and does not include such things as upgrading, betterment or rectification of undamaged areas. Where upgrading is requested or a loss involves partial cover settlement can often be negotiated.

Expediting Results and Avoiding Unnecessary Complexities 

In our experience most building claims declined within the strata insurance sector are due to maintenance related factors, long term deterioration or building defects. However some policies may cover resultant damage arising from these causes.

Where repairs have not been undertaken we can normally assist in expediting the necessary repairs or replacement as covered by the policy.